A brief outline of Carriage of Goods

For many years, Van Traa's regular business clients have been informed through an overview of 'Transport of goods in brief'. Initially published in book form, the content is now also available on our website. 

On this page you will find an explanation of various important aspects of freight transport guided by 21 questions. For example, what is the limitation of a claim? What limits are applicable? And who, according to legislation or treaty, is the carrier? 

These questions are answered for five different modes of transport, i.e. shipping (both inland waters and by sea), by air, by railway and by road.

Each question is answered in accordance with Dutch law and in light of the different applicable international conventions. The scope of these treaties is also explained.

In addition to the Dutch Civil Code (Burgerlijk Wetboek, BW), the following treaties and conditions are also explained:

  • Carriage by road: CMR and the General Conditions of Transport (AVC)
  • Carriage by sea: Hague-Visby Rules (HVR) and the Rotterdam Rules
  • Carriage by inland water ways: CMNI (Budapest treaty)
  • Carriage by railroad: COTIF-CIM 
  • Carriage by air: Montreal conventions



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